Standing out among the rest of the buildings along Chao Phraya River is Amdaeng Riverside Hotel, a unique and unconventional looking building painted in wine-red. This 10-room contemporary lodging sits on 100 square meters in a small backstreet simply off Chiang Mai Street, in a similar neighbourhood as the Lhong 1919. As seen from the website “Amdaeng,” the lodging’s name was used as a personal title for a lady back in the old days.

Finding Amdaeng is not as easy as it seems because it is hidden in plain sight from the streets. Walking through the maze of back alleys, it slowly starts to show itself as you walk up to the hotel to uncover a hedge of trees surrounding the hotel’s pool in front of the red-brick structure. The way the light hits the building at different times of the day, it’s simply magical.

Visitors can appreciate bona fide Thai cooking at the on-location Nye Restaurant. There is additionally a rooftop patio including continuous perspectives on the city where visitors can appreciate sunbathing and invigorating beverages when it transforms into a cocktail bar during the evening.

The room decor shows a mixed style of Thai, Eastern, and Western with porcelain bathtubs and beautifully carved wooden bed frames and pieces of furniture coming nicely together. With balcony views overlooking the Chao Phraya River, this might just be the most romantic hotel in Bangkok.

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