Home to delectable street tacos and In-&-Out burgers (to me at least), the city of Angels was definitely a place I had to visit. Having seen key landmarks peppered in movies I enjoyed while growing up (Terminator 2, 500 Days of Summer and Lords of Dogtown to name a few), it seemed easy enough when it came down to planning the itinerary in LA. Lodging was an Airbnb in Silverlake, which is conveniently located close to Hollywood. Plenty of cafes and indie stores line the streets as you wander around this hip neighborhood. Definitely, an ideal location to stay when in LA.


Key locations

-Griffith Observatory (Yes Man)

-LACMA (No strings attached)

-Abbot Kinney

-Santa Monica beach

-Bradbury building (500 days of summer)



-Rent a car for convenience/photography sake.



Food recommendations

Street side Tacos

Boiling Point (must be an Asian thing)

In & Out burgers







Cafes recommendations





-Take a road trip to Yosemite


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