Blazing down the highways of Tokyo with the cold wind slapping in our faces, I couldn’t be any happier. We were driving around Tokyo in our Maricar, a go kart in our onesies, without a helmet and a steering system which felt like it could spin out of control. Having been to Tokyo a couple of times, L was insisted on doing the Maricar ever since she saw it on some website. Growing up playing racing games like Daytona and Super Mario Bros, this experience was extremely exhilarating and felt like we were in the game. Definitely worth checking off the bucket list.

L went online to register and booked our slots via Facebook, she selected the Street Kart Tokyo Bay BBQ route. There are other location available like Shibuya & Asakusa.  We opted for the 2 hours session as 1 hour felt like it was a bit too rush and we wanted to truly enjoy this experience. We arrived 30 mins earlier from the scheduled time and went ahead to choose our costumes in the room above. The costumes ranges from Marvel, DC and Disney characters. Gopros and the accessories are available for rental if you need it. Wearing a mask is advised as you’ll be breathing in the fumes from all other vehicles driving past you.

Maricar tokyo bay

We were introduced to our guide, Mara, who was super chilled and she explained the Dos & Don’ts of driving a go kart on the streets of Tokyo. Basically do not attempt to drive around with your phone in your hands, it’s extremely reckless and will ruin the entire group’s fun.

Maricar tokyo bay

I was beginning to feel my hands numbing up after the first 10 mins, driving around in 5 degrees weather in Tokyo without gloves or earmuffs was clearly not the best idea. The onsies I had on kept slipping of my head despite my best attempts to cover my ears with it. The wheels on the go kart are small so you’ll feel every bump on the road as you try to keep the go kart in control. There were times when the group might be seperated or taxis would try to cut between the group, we just kept our cool and linked back up with the group. Safety is super important, it’s best to keep a lookout and listen to the guide of the tour.

The best part about driving Maricar around Tokyo was the sights and the attention people give you when driving past. Embracing the ‘fame’ was the highlight of the drive, it’s not everyday people stop on the street and wave and snap photos of you !

Maricar tokyo bay


Maricar rents out costumes and go karts as an experience to see Tokyo in a different light ( a more fun one). Maricar was in a legal battle with Nintendo about the costume characters and similarities to the game recently. Therefore when we were there on February 2019, there were no longer any Nintendo’s Super Mario Brother costumes. Only costumes that looked similar to the characters in the games or other characters from DC and Marvel.


You can book the slots on through Facebook, Line, Webforms and email.  

Things to ensure before going down to Maricar

  • Driving license
  • Convert your license to an international license
  • Bring the license down with you to the Maricar location
  • Gopro (if you have one)
Maricar tokyo bay
Maricar tokyo bay

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